What’s around in July


Summer time! And what a heat over the last few days. We plan a gorgeous wedding on the coastline and let me say girls that sun and sea are the perfect combo for an unforgettable event!  However when planning a wedding abroad it is not only a matter of a perfect venue, a fab décor or a great food and wine.. let’s also enter in more vital details of what your guests can do during their stay. If you’re having your wedding in July, et voilà below some info of the most incredible occasions not to miss!

Umbria and the Jazz festival

As the biggest and hotly anticipated Jazz event in Italy, the Umbria Jazz Festival surprises its guest every year with an impressive line-up of both Italian and international stars, including this time Paolo Conte, Subsonica, Stefano Bollani, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock and, lo and behold, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga for the one and only Italian date in their European Tour.

From 10 – 19 July

Pistoia (Tuscany) and the blues festival

If there is a festival in Tuscany you really cannot miss out on is the Pistoia blues Festival, the annual music event for all those amongst you who are passionate about good live music. This year you will have the chance to assist performances by Passenger, The Darkness, Sting, Black Lebel Society, Dream Theater and legendary Santana.

From 1 – 24 July

Lucca (Tuscany) Summer festival

Lucca Summer Festival is one of those events, which will never leave you unsatisfied. It hosts the live performances of some of the best Italian and International artists in the stunning location of the ancient and charming city of Lucca. This year’s lineup? Paolo Nutini, The Script, Billy Idol, Elton John, Robbie Williams, Fedez and JAx, Lenny Cravitz and Snoop Dogg, just to mention a few.

From July

Ravello (Coastline) Festival

As one of the most anticipated music events of the Italian summer, Ravello Festival is at its 63nd year and is delighting its guest in the unique frame of the Amalfi coast, in a magic fusion between nature and both classical and jazz music. This year you will enjoy performances by Laurie Anderson and Philip Glass, Francesco De Gregori, Joan Manuel Serrat, Gino Paoli, Bobby McFerrin, Nicola Piovani, Dmitry Sitkovetsky, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Irvin Mayfield.

From 20 June – 5 September

Stresa (Piemonte) Music festival

At its 54th year, the Stresa Festival starts the 22nd of July in the striking location of the venue Promenade La Palazzola with the Midsummer Jazz Concerts. On the stage this year, you’ll see Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet, Portal and Peirani, Dave Holland Quartet, Ginger Baker just to mention but a few.

From 22nd to 26 July

Venice – Festival of the Redemeer

Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events in town, Festival of the Redeemer in Venice is one of those traditions you shouldn’t miss out while in Italy during summer. The celebrations include breathtaking firework displays, launched from the nearby island of San Giorgio.

From 18th to 20th July

Palermo (Sicily) Santa Rosalia

The procession of Santa Rosalia is probably one of the biggest events in Palermo as well as one of the most ancient. The procession starts in front of the Cathedral, with a play depicting the miracle of Santa Rosalia setting Palermo free from plague. Then the procession brings the statue of Saint in front of the sea, stopping on the way at the famous “Quattro Canti” in the historical centre of Palermo.

On 14th July

Ostia (Rome) Festival Osti Antica

At the Ancient theatre of Ostia, some of the most wonderful Greek tragedies by Seneca and Aristophanes (but not only) goes on stage in the unique frame of the Roman archeological park of ancient Ostia, where they are interpreted with a contemporary twist. This year you will have the chance to assist the Medea, The Birds by Aristophanes, Phaedra by Seneca hut also Menaechmi by Plautus.

From July to August

Enjoy Italy!