Un recontre d’exception


I was in Bologna central train station last Monday… I was waiting for my train while right the next patform, I’d the most surprising vision of all my life.  The glorious Orient Express was standing at no more than 3 meters with all its charm, mystery and romance.  Oh oh oh .. I was just next to a myth of art, luxury, culture and even more.. well let’s say a living legend.  I discovered that it is still possible to make a Journey on the Orient Express all around Europe and imagine to meet on board James Bond, Hercules Poirot, or even directly Agatha Christy.   Once in my room I google and read the history of this myth “…This is the story of a man, a broken heart and a glorious dream. A chance encounter, a daredevil plan and a roaring success—a story that was meant to be: the story of the Orient Express.”

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orient express collection
orient express collection

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