2021 wedding trends

In the normal life,  it would be the time to discuss about wedding trends for 2021.  Now in the midst of a virus pandemic, probably we’re all facing with much more important troubles and fears.   As wedding planners we are always asked to be nice, creative and smart. So during our long “smart-working days”, in the midst of brides in tears and vendors under pressure,  we have tried to visualize the wedding trends for 2021. 

No one knows how long we will face with the virus, (of course all of us are hoping to be ready today).  The unlocking will be different from country to country.   It is obvious that  we all will need a bit of time to be back to the “normal” normality.  A common factor to everyone:  we spent lot of time with “us” and we have learnt how to enjoy of minor details.   This means a back to nature where the essentials are the details and where nature is the backdrop.

Taking inspiration from some Pre-Raphaelitism painters and from the famous floral designer Tulipina,  for us 2021 bride is romantic and tough enough as she went through the unexpected.  An elegant bride but not too extravagant, minimal in the table décor but a girl in search of flowers and blooms abundance.    Our vision for 2021 brides:  the butterflies of the new century!

STYLE – simple & elegant 
TABLE – minimal and modern 
FLOWERS – flowers and colors abundance 

Pic via Pinterest.