Ahh my dearest,

the perfect wedding day is not only for the brides! Le Voilà some tips for our gentlemen! Grooms this is your moment! Take advantage of some valuable advices for the modern gentleman’s grooming routine to arrive at the wedding day BELLI COME IL SOLE! (as beautiful as the sun!)

  1. Use a gentle soap to wash your face daily and a stronger scrub once a week to exfoliate your skin. Always moisturise your face down to your neck. It has become normal these days to sport stubble, which is easily kept tidy using your razor on your cheeks and your neck so that it never goes too high or too low. Shampoo and condition your hair often but do not overdo as this dries your hair and scalp. Depending on your hair length you should be washing 3-4 times a week
  2. Moisturizing is a step that should never be skipped. It takes a second and it is best done after the shower.
  3. Staying hydrated is probably most important. Drink plenty of water during the flight and give your face a quick wash in the toilet followed by some moisturiser. Pack some eye serum if you really want to reduce eye bags.
  4. The easiest and best moment to shave is right after a shower when your hair is still soft and pores are still open. It is also an easy way to avoid irritation on your skin. Make sure your razor is sharp and for more sensitive skin try to avoid shaving against the grain – it might give you a closer shave but it causes irritation and razor burn to your skin. Rinse your face with water, gently dry it with a clean towel and apply an after-shave balm or tonic.
  5. Treat it like you do your hair. Shampoo, condition and shape with your hands or comb to keep it tidy. Make sure you have a good pair of scissors to trim around the edges and remove unruly hairs. It is also worth using beard specific oils or moisturisers to keep it lustrous and take care of the skin beneath.
  6. Shaving soap is the most traditional of products available. You need to apply it with a brush using water. It is harder to get the right consistency unless you are an expert but it has the added benefit of helping exfoliate your skin. Soaps are the best choice when using a straight-razor. Foams are easy to use but they dry the skin so I wouldn’t recommend if yours is already dry or sensitive. They often come in aerosol cans which involve the use of harsh ingredients you wouldn’t want on your skin. A gel is a much better choice as it lubricates helping your skin stay smooth. Shaving oil helps soften your beard before you shave and it protects your skin. It helps the razor glide across the skin and so it reduces irritation.

In Italy unfortunately it is not easy to find the traditional barber shops, but if you are based in London or surroundings and searching a nice salon have a look at the list , of course please do not skip a glance at D&G store in Mayfair!


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