best places to get married in Italy


Hi Lovelies!

We’ ve no doubts… 2014 has been the year of “Italy”! Some of the most glam and famous couples decided to tie the knot in our beautiful country!  From north to south, from Venice to Florence or Apulia, Vip’s are coming! All with the same aim, getting married in an incredible and unique spot. With such a long list of romantic places, it is hard for our team to make a list, we preferred to recommend you areas / regions that should be perfect for a wedding and that reflects the real Italy mood.

All crazy for lakes!

Como, Maggiore, Orta, Garda


For months, glossy magazines have featured George (Mr. Clooney) around his villa of Lake Como with the hope to discover where and when the “big day should take place”. It is true lakes (Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and above all the little pearl of Lake Orta), for their positions, portraits and private ambiance are perfect for couples dreaming of a really chic wedding with a stunning view on the Alps and a romantic dinner pieux dans l’eau. What make a wedding by the lake exclusive is that as soon as you’re there you can breathe the exclusive atmosphere surrounding every single corner and you can visualized your wedding day among the bushes of the Italian Garden of Villa de Il Balbianello or your guests mingling and admiring the incredible view from Villa Erba.  (closer international airports: Milan)


Cliffs and sea!

Portofino and the Italian Riviera  


If you think that the Lakes are not enough exclusive for you, can you imagine that a small tiny village of less than 1000 inhabitants can be one of the most famous spot for getting married in the world?  Portofino  the little tiny pearl of the Riviera. Portofino and the Italian Riviera is the perfect spot for small, intimate and luxury weddings.  Let you guide from our dedicated staff in finding your hidden spot in the Italian Riviera, we love challenges. (closer international airports: Milan)




Love and Poetry


The Love Factor

Well, coming back to the LOVE FACTOR, a you know William Shakespeare located his most important love drama in Verona … and starting from that moment Verona became the town of the LOVERS.   It is not by chance that the civil ceremony can be celebrated right on the Famous Balcony of Romeo & Juliet.   Well we would love also to invite you to visit the Santuario della Corona near Verona.  What incredible place!  (closer international airports: Bologna or Verona)




Luxory and flamboyant



And finally on September 2014 the world-wide famous bachelor tied the knot in Venice.. yeah! And it is not by chance that George Clooney decided to go for Venice, despite having a such incredible property on the lakes. There’s nothing more flamboyant and incredibly glittering and charming of a Wedding in Venice.  The crumbling town is so romantic and unique.  The gondola ride, the Canal Grande and the bridges are waiting for those brides that always dreamt their wedding like a princesses.  (closer international airports: Milan and Venice )







From Florence to Cortona, Arezzo, Siena, Pienza, Lucca… the whole region is considered the PERFECT PLACE TO GET MARRIED IN ITALY!  Figures are the proof that Tuscany is the “Destination for excellence”;  in Tuscany couples can find venues for all budgets, friendly staff and warm welcome. Tuscany can be shabby and country if you move towards the Chianti area or elegant and glamorous if you decided to celebrate your wedding at Il Salviatino in Florence.  The common factor for all weddings in Tuscany with small or huge budget is food and wine – no place can offer a such incredible choice of gourmandize and local specialties (closer international airports: Pisa, Bologna and Florence)




Between Mystic and Romance



Being the little heart of Italy and considered Tuscany’s little sister, Umbria has been recently rediscovered as private and cozy spot for weddings and holidays with the “green and mystic factor”. From the soft rolling hills, to the small cozy towns (from Todi, to Spoleto or Orvieto), are the custodian of the slow living.. it is not by chance that the quality of life in Umbria is one of the highest in Europe.  For a really wealthy and eco – friendly weddings and party, but also for a holiday!. (closer international airports: Rome and Perugia)




By the sea

The Amalfi Coast


The Amalfi coast with its narrow streets offers enchanting spots to get married.   With the sun shining mostly for 10 months a year and the scent of lemon all around, is our favorite place on the coastline.  Anyhow if you would like to add a glam touch to your wedding on the south.. well you have to opt for Ravello – so small and cozy, but so unconventional and chic! Last on the list… Capri! We love the idea of a wedding at the Riccio restaurant overlooking the sea and the cliffs.  Like in a postcard! (closer international airports: Rome and Naples)






The new destination

Another incredible spot chosen by Indian tycoon to have an entire week wedding celebrations last august. Quite big as region, Apulia and its masserias (country houses) offers all what everybody is expecting from a wedding in Italy: great views, sea, sun, food and wine! What else?  And all surrounded by green of olive trees and white of  the houses.. well let’s add also the turquoise of the sea! Apulia is the newest destination area and perfect for weddings with great parties after….  (closer international airports: Rome and Brindisi).




the last on the list


The Mediterranean
A wedding in Sicily is a mix of all what you love of Italy, food, wine, sun, sea and the real Mediterranean touch! Every single spot is perfect to get married like in a movie. From Ragusa and its cathedral, to the elegant hotels of Taormina to the private small isles around… such a great chance to visit and see all in a small piece of land.  Culture, arts, history, and of course food, wine and sunshine   (closer international airports: Catania and Palermo )




Get inspired by these! and happy planning!


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