10 Italian songs for wedding video


Buongiorno a tutte!

Well if you’re getting married in Italy, I’m sure that you’re in love with something of my beautiful country. Some of you will say the food, some the wine others the sunshine… all of you are having a fab wedding and all the memories of your incredible day are left into a romantic video.  Being a planner since lots of years I’ve seen hundreds of wedding video and most of them have more than one song selected by the couple according to some general cliché : your first dance song, your first kiss song, or songs and music that you simply like.  Only a few – and often only those that really love Italy are asking for some advice on something nice from the traditional Italian music.  Well I’ve  tried to make a short list below with relevant utube links with the hope to inspire you and your videographer of course!

Getting married on the south of Italy? well.. something from Domenico Modugno (who was from Apulia and not from Naples) like the song

– that you know as Volare , but the real title is NEL BLU DIPINTO DI BLU, or something more funny like this  if you’re coming from United States.

If you’re getting married on Sunday and around Rome .. this is a lovely song remind me my mum and my family sited around the table for the traditional Sunday meal   which you lots of happiness!  Again should you elope to Italy …, Paolo Conte and his  Vieni Via con me.. Come away with me… It’s wonderful! the perfect song!

For sure there’s also the traditional O Sole mio… and this version according to us is the best!

If you want to wish yourself a never ending happiness Voglio Vivere cosi   I want to live with you like this and only with you..wuth the Sunshine on my face every single day!  Again remaining on something very funny.. Fred Buscaglione is a classic among the most popular songs.  Below a list of what we reallyt love

BUONASERA SIGNORINA.. what a romantic Tango..

CARINA – dedicated to Marylin

ehh the last one ERI PICCOLA

Those video requiring very romantic touch well,  Parlami D’Amore Mariu.. which is an incredible love song

Get inspired!



(photos via Pinterest  – research Rossana @TheKnotInItaly)