A destination wedding means asking your guests not only to join and celebrate you in a foreign country, but also to face with an incredible adventure.  Imagine them travelling from so far away to reach your destination wedding venue, catching a flight, landing off a new airport, facing with a totally different climate, travelling for one hour and finally take possession of their room!  Don’t you think they will deserve a cute welcome from your side? Here there are some nice ideas to create personalized welcome packs to pamper and surprise them.


Itineraries of your celebrations.  If you are on a budget and you do not want to spend too much on personalized and handmade designed itinerary, a postcard (yes the old and sweet postacards) of the area with a nice welcome message is perfect.  You can easily find them in the tobacco shops in Italy and to the postcard you can add a nice letter explaining all the activities of your celebrations, leaving some useful numbers (embassy, taxi companies, your wedding planner, concierge services of the hotel).

Something cold and something sweet.  A bottle of water (maybe with a personalized label) and some local biscotti is something that they will appreciate.  Make sure that the hotel is not adding the same as amenity at their arrival.  If so, maybe make sure that there is something typically Italian, like some mints, some aranciata.  If your venue is near a gelato shop, why do not offer a voucher for a free gelato.  They can have a nice walk and enjoy the sweetness of the place!

Canvas bags.  Do not underestimate.  They are a nice gift recalling their travel as well as your wedding day and easy to be packed and to be brought home. Amazon is offering multiple personalized solutions for all budgets and with all sizes.

All the above may range from 5 to 10 euro max per room and you gave emphasis to their arrival. 


If you want to be hyper creative, here it is a list of our recommended cutest items to add at your welcome packs.

MINTS. Pastiglie Leone are one of the most renewed companies producing delicious mints in different flavors, with packages on multiple colors.  We are sure you will find something matching with your palette.

BOTTLE OF.  It can be wine if you are getting married in Tuscany, it can be olive oil if you are getting married in Apulia, it can be limoncello if you are getting married on the coastline, it can be latte di mandorla if you’re getting married in Sicily.  Before going with the wrong product, ask your planner which is the best local product.  You cannot go wrong.

SUNGLASSES. Italy is the land of sun and why do not warm up your fingers on an online search and find some cute and funny sunglasses.  The more extravagant they are the more the guests will appreciate them.  They will proudly wear them at your pool party.

EVIAN SPRAY.  In the event you’ve decided to have an early afternoon ceremony, to keep everyone’s temperature cool a nice pocket Evian facial spray is perfect.  Ladies will love it and make sure that it will not damage the makeup.

POOL OR BEACH TOWEL.  Some hotels are including in their amenities, some others not.  So in case you’re having a pool party or a beach party, you can easily find something neutral and affordable on the Ikea web site, you can maybe wrap them with a nice ribbon or twine in your color palette and add a pocket sunscreen.


Farmacia Firenze – if you’re getting married in Florence this is a place you have to visit with your besties and if you browse online, they also offers incredible products that can be a perfect gift for your bridal party.

Scarfs – if you’re getting married in the Amalfi coasts, you can jump in one the silks shops and purchase nice scarfs or pashminas that ladies can use for the after-dinner celebrations.

Lavender – lavender is always very appreciated.  The scent has positive effects on mood, always gives the idea of a romantic holiday and can be easily packed.  You can ask your florist to prepare for you some small boxes with dried lavender.

Tickets – do not forget that Italy offers some many spots to visit and offering two free entrances to a museum, a gallery, an exhibition or why not a cellar with a private wine tasting can make the difference in your welcome pack.

Do you want to receive further suggestions, or do you need an help reach our team at concierge@theknotinitaly.it.