IN’s and OUT’s for 2024 wedding season

That time of the year when we are all reading comments and posts from experts about what’s in and out for the current wedding season.  It is always difficult to set a trend or to give answers to couples eager to make their destination wedding in Italy different.

Many of our discovery calls start with “we want to have a relaxed wedding, or we want to have a non-wedding theme or again intimate and simple”.  Sometimes we do not have all answers immediately as 99% of the couples change their mind during the planning, once facing with more realistic dilemmas such as guests’ number, marquis rental, hours of bar…  However, the aim of this post is to express what we like and dislike for this season and probably also for the next one!


Personalized ceremonies, where the icing of the cake is a friend or a college maid celebrating the ceremony.  Green light to friends’ speeches or readings, to hymns and all that can turn the ceremony into a unique and VERY personal moment.

Family bridal party.  We know bridesmaids have an important role from the engagement announcement to the first dance and more.  However, we are great fans of guests stars at the wedding and what about asking gramma to be your maid of honor or flower girl? Again, the ceremony will take on a more intimate tone.

Wines tasting. Don’t get us wrong, we love champagne towers! We love espresso martini too… but what about a wine tasting during the cocktail hour above all if you’re getting married in a venue that produces its own wine? Don’t you think that professional sommeliers helping your guests to savor a burgundy glass of chianti wine will make the difference?

Plated dinners.  We love plated and well-presented food. So, forget any family-style service and opt for an elegant, traditional 3 courses meal.  Play with the details and colors of the plates or ask the chef to produce courses in theme with your color palette but without giving up taste. You’re getting married in Italy!

Multicolored Florals.  Thank you for reminding us that white and green are a perfect match, however mother nature created some many different shades and colors among which you can choose that no table will be the same if you add colors and vibes.


Italian songs.  You’re right you’re getting married in Italy, not necessary to remind your guests with Italian singers marching around during the cocktail hour.  Better to opt for a duo of classic guitars or a Jazzy band.  Just to have a more modern touch.

Lighting. Ok you’re right again.  Teardrops chandeliers are incredibly beautiful when placed under a tent or in a XIV century fresco room! Cannot say the same of all the other variations.  So maybe let’s forget colorful lampshades swinging among the olive groves.  For having a woow effect you can simply cover the table of candles and create a lighting choreography with up lights (amber color).

Phones, cameras, and selfies. We know that you cannot remember the era of the weddings without technology.  Believe us, also these were beautiful! We have seen guests enjoying food, drinks, and good company without swiping pics each two minutes.  So, what about limiting the use of technology and come back to the old socialization? You have hired a professional photographer and videographer not to loose any moment.

Dance floors. Only if necessary and in natural wood if possible.  Nothing extravagant or glossy.  Thank you.

Opulent decor.  In times of preserving nature, it is not necessary to order a huge quantity of fresh flowers.  Only Iris Apfel is allowed to claim more is more, for a wedding less is always better, more elegant, and cost-effective.

And you, what would you consider In or Out for your destination wedding in Italy? Share with us at all your comments.  Ciao !