8 simple steps to choose your wedding venue in Italy

You’re engaged! Now what? Where? And how?  A destination wedding is a great idea, but you do not know where to start. You need hints from insiders, but you also want to explore all option by yourself.   Brain overwhelmed?  Below some quick, immediate notes to keep in mind when start planning a destination wedding in Italy.

Let’s focus on the wedding venue.  T0 find the perfect wedding venue in Italy, you can follow these 8 simple steps.  Let’s the journey begin!

Define your preferences: start by listing your wedding’s Do’s and Don’t.  Differentiate between non-negotiable and the desired elements for your wedding:

Reflect your personality: The wedding venue reflects couple’s personality and suits the Italian wedding mood.

Consider guests & Logistic: take into consideration the number of guests and the logistical aspects when choosing the venue.

Research and explore: research various venues in Italy per typology, such as villas, castles, farmhouses, masserias, beaches, luxury boutique hotels

Plan according to your budget: have a clear budget in mind to help you decide how much you feel comfortable spending on the venue and other services.

Visit potential Venues: if possible, visit the shortlisted venues in person.  Close your eyes, imagine yourself at the venue and trust your instinct.

Consider the ceremony type:  decide on the type of the ceremony and ensure that the venue can accommodate your preference.

Consult with a wedding planner: Consider seeking assistance from wedding planner in Italy who specialize your preferred region and can help you find the perfect venue.

All venues in Italy offer a range of distinctive and memorable settings for couples seeking a unique and romantic wedding experience, by following these simple steps, your search of the perfect wedding venue in Italy aligning with your preferences and budget will be easy!