26 best wedding venues to get married in Italy


You have landed in one of our most popular posts!  and if you’re at the early stages of the planning, thinking to get married abroad, here were are!  to help you in  scouting the perfect wedding venue in Italy or south of France.  We have worked on a selection of our favourite spots to celebrate an incredible wedding, including yours!

Lakes District:

Italian Lakes are very  popular area to get married in Italy.  Easy access from Milan airport, perfect area for glam and chic couples, for epic events and cozy celebrations.

Villa LakeComo01
Villa del Balbianello 


Villa Lake Como02
Lake Como Villa for weddings & events


Villa Lake Garda01
Lake Garda Villa for weddings & events


Villa Lake Garda02
Lake Garda Villa for weddings & events


Villa Lake Garda03
Lake Garda Villa for weddings & events


Villa LakeOrta01
Villa Crespi 
Alpine area

The Alpine area offers so many peaceful and relaxing spots and there’s nothing more romantic than a wedding surrounded by the fall and winter colours.  Easy access from Milan and Venice airport. For those couples aiming at  peaceful wedding.


Villa Alps01
Apline Villa for weddings & events

Venice  hosts a charming, exclusive and authentic wedding venues.  Closer airport Venice, perfect for epic weddings or eloping.

Palazzo Venice01
Palace Venice for weddings & events

For the eternal lovers right like Romeo & Juliet, Verona is the perfect place.  Easy access from Verona and Bologna airports.  Full of venues recalling the glorious past and plunged in romantic vineyards, Verona and surroundings are perfect for a Princess wedding.

Villa Verona01
Villa Mosconi Bertani 


Hotel Verona02
Hotel Verona for weddings & events

This little village overlooking the sea is considered the most chic and exclusive place in Italy.  Easy to accaess from Milan or Pisa airports.  Portofino is perfect for a wedding with the right balance of glam, chich and romantic ambience.

Villa Portofino01
Portofino Villa for weddings & events

Florence is the most popular place to get married in Italy.  We have all worked a lot to find some special venues, in order to offer couples something unique.  Easy access from Florence or Pisa airport.  For those couple planning a shabby, romantic wedding.

Villa Florence01
Villa in Florence for wedding  & events

Every year an incredible number of couples decide to get married in Tuscany, from the North to the South, this romantic region is for all, those couples with tight budgets and expecting a family style wedding, those with important budget planning flambyant events.  Easy access from Florence or Pisa airport.

boutique hoteltuscany01
Boutique hotel in Tuscany for weddings & events


boutique hotel06
Boutique hotel in Tuscany for weddings & events


villa tuscany05
Villa in Tuscany for weddings & events


elegant villatuscany04
Villa in Tuscany for weddings & events

Located in the centre of Italy and easy access from Rome airports, this little region has been considered for centuries the green heart of the country.  Rustic and country style, but proud of its heritage, this area is perfect for those couples searching for something different from the Tuscan country side.

boutique hotelumbria01
Boutique hotel for weddings & events


Hotel in Umbria for weddings & events



Everybody at least once in their lives have to visit Rome and if you decided to get married there, well be ready to have your Dolce Vita wedding.

Villa Rome08
Luxury villa for weddings & events


castle Rome01
Castle in Rome for weddings & events

Positano the white pearl of the Amalfi Coast.  Smaller and all walkable, offers iconic views over the sea.  Easy to access from Naples airport.  Perfect for small groups and for couples wishing to get married by the sea.

restaurant Positano07
Restaurant in Positano for weddings & events

Considered one of the most glam and chic small town of the coast line and easy access from Naples airport, Ravello is our favourite spot to plan real Italian weddings.

Iconic HotelRavello01
Hotel in Ravello for weddings & events


breathtaking VillaRavello08
Villa Cimbrone 


Agriturismo Ravello09
Agriturismo Ravell for weddings & events

Located on the South of Italy and easy access from Brindisi airport, this reagion is considered the new Tuscany.  The venues are called Masseria and are a right mix of elegant and conteporary style with a good balance of glam and unque taste.

Masseria Apulia07
Masseria in Puglia for weddings & Events



Salina is our challenge for 2016.  We are waiting for the perfect couple wishing to get married in a old Firehouse with a breathtaking view on the Mediterranean sea.

Salina 01
Hotel in Sicily for wedding & events

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