Why choosing a destination wedding in Italy

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Destination weddings have almost become the new normality! It is not uncommon for a couple to consider getting married in a foreign country after the engagement party and Italy is one of the most popular countries for destination weddings in Europe.

Why choosing a destination wedding in Italy? While a destination wedding in general can have all the convenience of home for equal or better value, it allows friends and family the opportunity to celebrate your big day in a very memorable way. Your guests can enjoy a mini vacation, and you can have the distinctive and unforgettable wedding you always dreamed.

In addition, the post pandemic increase of travels, has given the destination wedding another important meaning:  exclusivity of the event: the wedding is one-on-a-life time experience and tying the knot in Italy is THE opportunity for the couple and their guests to have an exclusive experience.

How to disentangle among the numerous offers available for a destination wedding in Italy? Being in the events biz since 30 years and 23 of which spent in destination weddings and with over 700 weddings planned, from the smaller one to the most epic, here at TheKnotInItaly we always approach our couples with a clear explanation : the wedding is the extraordinary event of your lives; the first of a numerous days of the best of your lives; a foreign country (Italy) will offer in any case a different experience to everyone attending; however bride and groom have to have clear from the beginning what they would love to have and the budget they would love to invest in their celebrations. 

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As once finalized the budget, the core of the discussion is always “my dream is an incredible ceremony surrounded by tons of flowers, a memorable dinner overlooking the sea and a party with the best band of ever”.  The inspirational themes are given from the millions of photos that couples can swipe up on social media.  However sometime the budget is not corresponding to the expected dream and the spiral of questions, research and matching of opinions on forums or comments is creating more and more frustration.  Here at TheKnotInItaly we always ask to the couple the budget they would love to “invest” and what they would love to “include” in the budget; this is essential for us also to understand which are the professionals that we can involve in making the magic.

We always recommend couples to prioritize their approach to the event:  if the priority is a high-end décor and it is necessary to compromise due to a limited budget, better to opt for a less exclusive venue which can be embellish right from the décor.

Going back to our blogposts, here at TheKnotInItaly we remarked that a destination wedding in Italy is for all budgets and we proudly confirm.  It is essential for the couple to distinguish from what can fit with their budget and what it would be better not to consider and prioritize the selections. A professional and friendly approach to the wedding planning is what we always offer and our time and energies the proper recognition.

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So if you’re at the early stages of the planning you can take advantage of our free discovery call to discuss together the best option for your dreams, if on the contrary you have a thorough knowledge of the subject, you can subscribe our channel to speak with our team and get pointed towards the right direction.  Now, those couples that are packing to travel to Italy in summer time for scouting venues and live the experience of “the Italian life-style”, we will be happy to know that at the end of the travel you decided for a memorable wedding in Tuscany, Apulia, Amalfi Coast, Lake Como or Capri!  Be reassured that the game is worth the risk and you can decide to do everything by yourselves or teaming with a professional crew capable of turning your dreams into reality.

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