Puglia – the land that has everything


90% of our couples get married in Tuscany, the remaining 10% choose the coast or the lakes. Not because we love Tuscany so much (of course we do!), but it seems that it is hard to experiment new places, although Italy is full of them.  Have you ever considered Puglia? Well, we certainly have! And we can now offer you the best of the manor farms and resorts in this region, including incredible views over the sea! Located in the South of the country and connected by the airports of Bari and Brindisi, Puglia offers everything that you can find in the rest of the country – the olive groves of Tuscany (which in this case are centuries-old), the abundance of water (here represented by both the Adriatic and Ionian seas), resplendent white drystone homes (here known as ‘masserie’) and the uniqueness of the ‘trulli’.  And there are the people – full of enthusiasm for the good life and typically cheerful like sea folk are known to be.  Just drop us a line if you think this may be the perfect region for you.