I panni sporchi si stendono…


Don’t forget to look up!’ Simple yet valuable advice that most of us smart phone users could do with remembering. Other than saving us from potential danger, looking up reveals the colors of life, above all in Italy… how many of you have discovered the beauty in hanging clothes or airing bedding. A common sight throughout Italy, hanging clothes on lines that stretch across the streets of villages, towns and even cities is commonplace. Just take the typical sights one encounters when making their way down the bustling streets of Naples, or even the narrow, towering sprawl of Genova with billowing bed sheets and intimates. Moreover, the way that the canals of Venice are often framed by an arc of freshly hung washing.

We have found on pinterest some nice shots! Let’s have a look together and in Italian we say: “I panni sporchi si lavano in famiglia” – literally dirty clothes have to be washed at home – in reality means that what happen in the family has to remain inside the family, but this time let’s hang our panni sporchi outside and take a pic!