Gelato, my passion, my love!


Grum – sogno Italiano (the Italian Dream). Here in Italy it has been always said that the best way of dreaming and get inspired to get your business running is thinking as the “American Dream”… well once again Italians do it better and their names are Federico Grum and Guido Martinetti. Girls.. Italians also really know how to treat you well! Can you imagine to have only for you two handsome Italian boys making for you special Gelato? That’s the history of Grum, the most incredible and yummy entrepreneurial experience of the last twenty years. Their fondamentals: to apply the common principle of the world’s best restaurants to the production of artisan gelato: the buying of the absolute highest-quality raw materials.


If you want to know a little bit more where to get this special experience and why not hiring them as dessert at the end of your wedding meal browse their web site at

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(photos via Pinterest  – research Rossana @TheKnotInItaly)