A recent survey showed that in US people tend to nickname their car with names such as Grace, Aiden, Riley or even Max. Well, Italians do it as well but not in the same exact way. We do only nickname one type of car: the famous FIAT 500! Being this car born to be a super economy and a very common one, it immediately gained many nicknames! The first affectionate one CINQUINO is still in vogue nowadays. Due to its size, it has been called with many alias such as FIAT BAMBINO (baby fiat ndr.)

One of the most funny one is probably SPIAGGINA (beachy or beach chair ndr.) that, dating back to 1969, refers to the summer jaunts that young people used to do on board of their little famous cars!

However, in the last few years, after the new gold laminated collecting models customizable with precious stones, it took the name of PEPITA (nugget ndr.).

Therefore, as you can see we are very familiar as well with nicknaming things! In the end, however you want to call it, the FIAT 500 is one of our most famous post-war landmark of our history!

Pics courtesy of C. Ostinelli (cover) TheKnotInItaly team and R. Panciatici


Claudia Falchi