All the colors of the world


Buonasera a tutte!

what a long day.. today! The wedding season is knocking at the doors of our office and lots of things to plan! ohhhhh need something colorful to cheer up today! It is a long time we’re not talking about our ViaggioIncatevole.  Speaking about colors and trip around Italy … well we need to talk about Murano and Burano.. the crossroads of all the colors of the world.

Both are located not too far from Venice, both are surrounded by water and both are lovely … what else?  Burano is famous for the colorful houses that sailormen can recognize when back home from long lasting journeys around the world… Murano… is famous for the glasses and chandeliers.. ahhh Mr Clooney.. you missed two perfect and unique spots for your wedding!


Burano_colorful houses



Pic Via Pinterest