7 important the reasons to hire or not a planner


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Really hope you’re all well.. here at TheKnotInItaly.it we’re all thrilled from lots of new ideas and new co-operation that are starting! I would like also personally thanking all our followers and readers, cannot believe that we’ve reckoned over 1.470.000 visitors! I’m starting feeling the pressure on all of us and at the same time I feel honored and happy.
I would like today to share with you my “own” personal vision of “The Wedding Planner”…you know I’m personally planning weddings since 2000 and assisted to all changes in style, technology, communication. For me planning a wedding today, well planning the perfect wedding in Italy today is an art. I feel more like a personal “consigliere” than a “fact-totum”, I like to put in touch the perfect crew for every single couple and I really would love that couples emailing us, really feel that we’re a team of professionals voted to one main goal: your wedding day.
I’ve worked on 7 important notes on how to have / hire a planner in Italy and the reason why.
Hope you will find this helpful!

Rossana| rossana@theknotinitaly.it

1. They Should Push You
Clients hire us to help them create the perfect wedding they wouldn’t have created on their own. However that’s easier said than done. Achieving a perfect wedding in Italy takes stepping outside of all the pinterest pics you’ve in your board (even if it’s a beautiful board), to explore some new possibilities. You should be uncomfortable at times, but never dissatisfied. If your wedding planner doesn’t push you past the limits of what you would normally do for yourself, you’re probably not maximizing the experience. The finished product should feel like you, but you as you’d never have done it alone. But remember, in your wedding you put every single penny you and your families saved and will reflect you as couple, which leads us to number two.
2. It’s Okay to Tell Them No
Like every creative on Earth, we can come up with some pretty crazy ideas. It may be we were inspired by something we saw, or misheard something you said, or maybe we just aren’t hitting the vibe you’re going for. Regardless of the reasons behind it, planning a wedding is an imperfect art, so revisions are a must. I am never offended when I client rejects me as a planner or some of my ideas. As a rule of thumb, ask yourself if you really need someone helping you and assisting you from the early stages to the end of the day or you would love to plan your wedding by yourself and just wondering where to start.
3. They Cost Money, But You Should Get a Good Deal
Like in most fields and as all professionals, we charge our clients for the work and talent we bring to their project. However, you should always feel like the costs you paid to retain a wedding planner were value adds, and not liabilities. Experience wedding planners do not sell pre-arranged packages, they custom and design ONLY for you a wedding which is unique and cannot be copied, helping you in save in stress, time and efforts. When meeting or talking with a wedding planner, take some time to balance their fees with the talent and benefits they provide, if they are doing their job, you should feel like you are coming out ahead.
4. They Really Are Busy
A professional wedding planner will be working with multiple clients at one time, but plan only a wedding a week – max two. No matter the number of weddings, each one is special and personal. Personally, sometimes after you initially meet or chat with me, there may be some time that elapses before I can fully take on your wedding. Always be clear about requests and clear communication in return. No matter how busy a planner may be, she/he should be excited to work with you, and you should feel excited to work with them.
5. They Are Happy to Hear from You
We are always seeking inspiration for my client. Do not think that planning a wedding is only a matter of budget – in Italy you can have a wedding (holiday) with a small budget and a wedding (party) with important budget. The main issue is to be clear with you if you really want to be followed by a planner. We do love to hear your ideas, know you as couple and we really love to be always in touch with you. Regular communication from both sides helps the process stay fresh, and helps you know how your project is progressing. We love to get short emails, texts and even photos from you anytime—day, night or weekend. Never be afraid to reach out if you have questions, new thoughts, or are even feeling cold feet. We love to hear from you, and if we can’t respond in that moment (because we are in the middle of nowhere in the countryside scouting some new properties), we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
6. They Aren’t Magicians
Okay, in some cases we are; but on the whole, we’re just regular people with a gift for creating the perfect day for someone else. . If your planner makes promises that seem too good to be true, they probably are. Similarly, if you need to change the color scheme of your wedding from red to white in one day, that’s going to take more of a miracle than any one of us can likely pull off. Setting clear expectations from both sides at the beginning of a planning can help keep you and your planner in budget.
7. They Want to Do the Best Job Possible
Ultimately all your wedding planners wants is to create the perfect day for you. They will push you and you should let them, but don’t be afraid to say no. While they may be busy balancing various ideas, they love to hear from you, especially when you are feeling inspired, and while they aren’t magicians in the traditional sense, they certainly can help you to create the wedding that every guests will remember.