4 tips to find the best wedding venue in Italy

wedding venue in Le Marche

Planning a wedding for most of the brides can often feel like a fun job. Even with the help of a professional wedding planner to guide you along, you are the ultimate decision maker.  Here our checklist of the 4 most important things to keep in mind for the perfect wedding venue in Italy.

  1. Make a checklist of all the vital points your wedding venue must have.  Get inspired by previous weddings.  Select pictures and different set-ups to have a better vision of the same venue in occasion of other events.
  2. Share the list of your key points with your planner and ask her to produce budgets with pros and cons per each venue. Here at TheKnotInItaly we offer a full scouting service with names of venues, excel budgets per each venue.  Our venue scouting program  will be credited on your full wedding planning services.
  3. Start looking early. Despite Italy offers so many options such as villas, castles, resorts, vineyards for memorable wedding, book a scouting service with your wedding planner at least 12 months before the wedding date. You will have enough time to explore a reasonable number of venues and get the one that will make you feel with butterflies in the stomach.
  4. Keep your mind open. While searching for the perfect venue can be stressful, we would like to remind you that the night is all about you as couple!  And with a little help, any venue can be transformed into a space you will be proud of.

We have included some of our favourite wedding venues in Italy  to spark your imagination.  However browse our V-Atelier  best wedding venues showcase  to find more!