13 of the hottest ideas to consider for your wedding


Sneak a glimpse at all our past weddings, we discover that there are some “ever green” ideas that have made our team fortune and that are still perfect for the forthcoming seasons.  Get inspired by these.. and e are so thankful to all those that have helped us!

Décor + Design

Floral Backdrop: Looking for something that will really pop at your wedding? Take a tip from Kim Kardashian’s wedding with a floral backdrop. Whether constructed out of fresh or paper flowers, it will definitely grab guests’ attention and create a beautiful photo setting or a personalized stage for your band  (wedding in Tuscany 2015  – Pic Matteo Crescentini Florals Tuscany Flowers)



Suspended Decor: The sky is the limit as centerpieces are no longer confined to the table. Look up for suspended decor like green garlands, baubles filled with moss and floral chandeliers. (wedding in Tuscany 2015  – Pic Matteo Crescentini  Florals Tuscany Flowers)

Hibba and Daniel


No Flower Weddings: You may notice a move towards minimal or no Flowers as weddings take on a more eco-friendly tone. Forgo the DIY paper flowers and allow lush greenery to take over. Think gorgeous bouquets, stylish succulents, green garlands, leafy wreaths and runners. (wedding in Tuscany 2015 – Pic Matteo Crescentini  Florals Roberto Fiori)



Smaller Sips: The fully-stocked bar is out and drink stations are in. Couples want guests to get a taste of their personality, and they are doing it with flights of craft beer, shots of different bourbons, wine samplings, a specialty cocktail from their fave vacay destination or even samples of fizzy soda. (wedding in Tuscany 2011 Pic Marianne Taylor )



Champagne Towers: Forget the chocolate fountain , welcome back to the champagne towers, and they are replacing everything from centerpieces to the cake. Pop the cork and let it flow in a very classy way. (wedding in Tuscany 2015 Pic Lisa Poggi )

H&D - 120


Communal Dining: Make some elbow room for long tables and a sense of togetherness. Communal dining is on the rise, especially for outdoor weddings. Long tables don’t have to be rustic; they work well in more formal settings too. (wedding in Tuscany 2014 Pic LandVPhotography Florals Roberto Fiori)

photo 11


Family-Style Meals: Keep things close and personal by serving your reception feast family style, allowing guests to converse while passing sharable dishes of food for the table. (wedding in Umbria Pic Studio A+Q)

Studio A+Q Wedding Alex+Alim_web-0729


Naked Cakes: Dare to be bare with your wedding cake. Rather than colored frosting or fondant, cakes are being decorated with fresh fruit, flowers, a dusting of glittering metallics or a drizzle of colored frosting for a punch of fun. (wedding in Umbria 2015 Pic Matteo Crescentini – Cake Amélie )



Unique Flavors: Personalize your party down to the last crumb with flavors from your family heritage, fave destination or hometown. (wedding in Verona  2015 – Pic Roberto Panciatici)



Edible Favors: Do your guests a favor and gift them the best favor there is: something edible. Couples are taking their after-dinner snacks very seriously this year, and guests will be thankful for the yummy treats. (wedding in Tuscany 2011 Pic Marianne Taylor – Design Everafterpress)



Epic Ring Bearer: Here comes the… ring bearer? Ring bearers like this rollerskating rockstar have knocked this position up a few notches. (wedding in Verona 2015 – Pic Roberto Panciatici)



Multi-Day Weddings: Couples are incorporating a three-day weekend wedding into their schedules with welcome parties, a rehearsal dinner, farewell brunch or any combination of the above. Now the bride and groom will actually have some time to spend with their guests. (Wedding 2014 Pic Cinzia Bruschini)

rehearsal N&K 30


Drone and GoPro Wedding Photography: If you want snapshots of your wedding day from every angle imaginable, make sure to hire a photographer and videographer who are technologically savvy. (wedding in Tuscany 2014 Pic Cristiano Ostinelli)