10 reasons why Italian and Irish love eachother (Grazie al cielo!)


Ciao a tutti!

Over the last few months I’ve learnt loving Hugo and his amazing posts.  One more time I’ m agreeing with him.  After having planned hundreds of weddings for Irish couples in Italy I can proudly tell you that’s true.  We really have lots in common.  Personally there are only two places I really feel at home (except my home of course).  Paris for my glam and stylish side and Dublin for my authentic mood. Maybe this is the reason why I looove pizza with a glass of beer!   It is certain that as destination wedding planner I’ve always my window open to the world and every couple is offering me a breath of fresh air with their different culture, but I’ve never tough that Italians and Irish are loving so much for historical and cultural roots.  Do you want to know more, click on the picture and read the entire post.

Rossana rossana@theknotinitaly.it