Wedding of the year!


Buongiorno a tutte!

There are no words for describing my emotion and why not also the stress,  in planning one of the most incredible and crazy wedding of the season.

wedding in Florence

While The Kardashian’s were tying the knot on the other side of the river, same time at Sait James Church in Florence,  Becky and Steve were celebrating the most romantic wedding I have ever planned! Our VIP’S wedding of the year!

My special thank you goes to:

  • Becky for her calm and classy attitude
  • Steve for his crazy ideas
  • Alessandro Gattone – Videographer
  • Cristiano Ostinelli – Photographer
  • Alberto – Music, Lighting and more
  • Gianni Berni – Flowers designer
  • Antonello Malvagia – Caterer
  • Franco  – my hubby!

Enjoy it!  (

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