Il Salviatino: discretion and class with a view


Let me tell you… you should have seen my face the first time I entered the Salviatino.  It was on the occasion of the magnificent wedding between Gael & Paul, magically captured by Marianne Taylor.  Gael – one of the brides who is closest to my heart, maybe because of her disarming beauty or maybe because she was accompanied by the marvellous Joanna (the bride’s mother) who filled a difficult moment of my personal life with light. Yes, you really should have seen my face while I drove up the imposing entrance of one of the most beautiful and exclusive proprieties in Florence.  Everything was in its rightful place, from the very beginning of my journey there….. from the trees that romantically embrace the entrance, to the iron lanterns pointing the way, and the discrete entrance to the lobby where, on entering, the visitor is struck by a wonderful scent of cinnamon and orange.  And what can I say about the garden? – perfectly attended and yet without excess, just like the entire hotel.

Gael & Paul – courtesy of Marianne Tayolor
Gael & Paul – courtesy of Marianne Tayolor
Gael & Paul – courtesy of Marianne Tayolor
Via Pinterest
via Pinterest

You see, I too have had my first experience of the Salviatino and I’m proud of it! Obviously I take every opportunity to return there and propose it as an exclusive location for a wedding and honeymoon.   The last time was last July.. what a whirlwind of emotions!  Max and Victoria decided to give me the privilege of joining one of the most enjoyable, exciting and incredible experiences of the whole season. The ceremony, celebrated at the Orthodox church of Florence, was followed by an elegant and fun reception on the terrace, which saw traditional Russian music combined with delicious dishes prepared by Carmine! And the event was spiced up by the unique pairing of me and Sara – the event manager of Salviatino…… the conclusion to the evening?

Victoria & Max Courtesy of Lisa Poggi
Victoria & Max Courtesy of Lisa Poggi
Victoria & Max Courtesy of Lisa Poggi


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